Welcome to the Joseph Stalin Wiki

We made this wiki to tell the tales of the good Stalin did and the bad Stalin did. Not many people know of the good he did for this world, so here you can read of all the things he did to change the world.


Thank you

First, I would like to inform all that this is not a troll wiki page, this is not meant to offend anyone! It is solely meant to teach history of the Soviet Union's involvement with World War 2 and about the leader of the time Joseph Stalin. If not for Joseph Stalin (may be referred to as Stalin on this site) fascism would have spread and we would have been speaking German.

Pledges from admins.

  • We will not be byist.
  • We will give only true information.
  • We will not try to incite hate.
  • We will not actively instigate people!

Be warned, certain subject matters we cover may be shocking or against your values! Be prepared and try to keep an open mind!

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